Exploring topics at the intersection of science and society, Allie’s Milkyway Cafe serves up “great ideas from this galaxy and beyond.” It’s a place where you can come to find conversation around cool science, explained in a simple, fun way. So when you go to a real brick and mortar cafe you’ll have something new to talk about.

Web Case Studies

Outstanding science should stand out in the crowd, not get lost in the ethernet. I write original content to be interesting and accessible with a nice side of enticing graphics… and the occasional snark, if it’s appropriate.
Draper’s Inherently Secure Processor

Press Releases

With the right words, even the most technical concept can blossom into a stellar press release. I wrote this based on a 30+ page patent – very jargon-dense stuff, more equations than words. The release generated more earned media than any other release in 2017. So much for dull and boring…
This Spacesuit Comes with a “Take Me Home” Button